The truth is that no one can feel absolutely protected from any life’s difficulties, including financial ones. One day or another, any one of us may face a dire need for a lump sum of cash. Factors that cause large and urgent financial necessities may dramatically vary, but the most common are serious personal injuries that lead to temporary or permanent disability, loss of a breadwinner, bankruptcy risks, etc. While the funds on your bank account are vanishing in a rapid pace, your bills, credits, medical and other expenses tend to accumulate with even higher speed. Is this a stressful issue that you’re currently suffering from? Then you might be searching for all possible opportunities to obtain a lump sum of cash fast.

Frankly speaking, selling any of your material possessions available such as a vehicle or real estate is not the best option, since they may run short very quickly or appear to be not valuable enough. Bank loans are typically expensive and have very little chances of being approved, especially for those with a bad credit history and no employment verification. Borrowing money from your friends is not a good idea either. However, there is one viable and highly efficient option to generate a substantial amount of cash fast – selling future annuity settlement payouts.

As you probably know, an annuity is a specific financial agreement enclosing a certain amount of money that is built up gradually by regular payments that a person makes to an insurance company. Just as with traditional structured settlements, annuity money is released in accordance to a predefined schedule typically in the form of small installments paid at certain time intervals. Today local financial laws in virtually all US states allow annuitants to cash out their original plans though. Therefore, as an annuity settlement holder, you have a remarkable opportunity to obtain a lump sum of cash at hand now when you need it most instead of waiting months and years for your payouts.

Ozark Funding is the only direct funder you need to accomplish this crucial transaction successfully. We specialize in providing immediate cash for annuities, structured settlements, pre-settlements and lottery winnings to assist their recipients in meeting any financial emergencies. Our experts are here to help you sell your annuity for a cash advance you can use to release yourself from any unexpected financial burdens.

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