Have you recently received an annuity settlement? This might be an important event in your life since such financial options typically involve considerable financial compensation. Generally, annuity money is spread out over a preset period of time and paid in the form of monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Some annuitants continue with such a payment schedule, while others look for some alternative payout options, mainly lump sum cash advances, for a number of reasons.

You should know that as an annuity settlement holder, you have the flexibility to decide how to get your money. Actually, there are three basic options you can take advantage of – get periodic installments as your original plan implies, cash out the entire monetary award or get a certain amount of a cash to meet your current financial needs and still have your payments coming regularly to ensure a stable income for several coming months or years.

If you find one of the last two options more preferable in the current financial condition or you just want to feel the real value of your money and be able to manage it on your own terms, then selling your annuity for cash can be the best choice and Ozark Funding is here to assist.

We are an established, trustworthy annuity and structured settlement funding company operating on the asset-backed market for many years and having extensive expertise in providing a lump sum of cash for annuities, structured settlements, lawsuits, lottery and casino winnings, etc. Our professionals will guide you through the entire selling process and help avoid any possible hassles you may face. Ozark Funding works as a direct funder, which means that no third-party brokers will cut off your money.

We take an individual approach to every case to offer you an ideal option matching any your related needs to the fullest and ensuring you get the most cash from your settlement. Lump sum annuity payments we provide will help you meet any financial burdens and start living a debt-free life.

It usually takes from one to three months to cash out a settlement agreement. However, you can significantly speed up your lump sum annuity transfer by completing, faxing or emailing us all related papers in a timely manner. Fill out our brief online quote form at the left or call us today 866-894-7377 to find out more.