Are you one of those annuitants who are currently thinking over various options on how to sell annuities in the safest and most beneficial way? With an incredibly large number of annuity buyers offering their services in the asset-backed market today, you may find it really challenging to make the right choice. While company reviews and comparison of their cash payout options and terms may take a great deal of time and still won’t guarantee overall success, we suggest that you visit to save both your valuable time and efforts and get the best deal possible in your particular financial case.

With each and every our agreement, we’re committed to meet any specific financial needs and requirements of our clients to the fullest. For example, it is possible to sell any portion of your original annuity plan to get upfront cash that is quite enough to handle your current financial necessities. This method allows to keep your regular income for predefined time, while allowing you to meet any cash requirements you face. Or you can sell your annuity in full to get an ultimate control over the entire amount of your legal money now.

In fact, the list of reasons inducing people to sell their annuities or structured settlements is rather wide. Very often it starts with unexpected expenses like medial bills that need to be covered immediately. The second popular reason is long-awaited large purchases like a new home or vehicle. Annuity cash can also be very helpful in financing education, making business investments and meeting various other financial goals. Whatever your specific needs are, you can fully rely on Ozark Funding professionals to get any necessary assistance and guidance through the whole annuity selling process.

It’s worth to point out that our company works as a direct funder avoiding chain of brokers that typically require certain fees for their services and thus may dramatically reduce your monetary award. This is one of our most significant competitive advantages making our company stand out from many other annuity buyers. Besides, we apply numerous solid financial and legal instruments to ensure that every one of our clients gets maximum cash advance for his/her structured settlement or annuity.

Feel free to fill out our easy non-obligation quote form at the left or call us 866-894-7377 today and our financial experts will analyze your case and goals to offer an ideal funding option.