Are you one of those annuity holders who are not completely satisfied with your inflexible schedule of small periodic payments stretched over time? Would you like to know how to cash in your annuity for a lump sum of cash today, when you need it most? Ozark Funding is here to assist! We are a reputable funding company having solid experience of operating on the alternative financial market coupled with client-focused approach. In such a way, every one of our clients is guaranteed to receive the maximum cash volume along with comprehensive, knowledgeable assistance during the entire transaction process.

In fact, selling annuity payments for cash has become a crucial step to starting a debt-free life and achieving financial independence for many annuitants. Indeed, there are numerous profitable ways to use your annuity cash: eliminate all your credit card debts, purchase a new home or vehicle, make in-house improvements, finance education, start up your own business, make high-profit investments or perhaps enjoy a long-awaited vacation together with your family.

At Ozark Funding we perfectly understand the wish of our clients to get cash for their annuities as soon as possible. However, you should know that an annuity sale takes some time. In the majority of states, local laws governing the transfer of structured settlements, annuities, insurance policies and any other related financial agreements require that settlement owners get court approval for the legal transaction accomplishment. This typically takes no less than a month.

While taking advantage of our services, you can fully rely on our professional financial experts and attorneys who are ready to provide you with any necessary assistance, including help in getting required documents. As soon as you get your court approval, just submit all of your documents to us and we will tailor a customized plan based on your specific needs and financial requirements. After you accept our offer, the transaction process starts.

Please, contact us today at 866-894-7377 or fill out our free non-obligation quote form at the left, and our financial experts will get back to you shortly to discuss your case and specific needs.