It’s not a secret that an annuity settlement may take many months and even years to be paid in full. Therefore, some annuitants, especially those facing urgent financial burdens or planning large purchases, find it more reasonable to cash in all or part of their future payments in return for a lump sum they can use today. Are you also planning to sell your annuity, but still not sure what an option to choose? Since everyone’s financial circumstances and needs are unique and individual, you should be aware that what works well for someone will hardly be helpful in your particular case.

In such a way, it’s rather crucial that you take your time to analyze thoroughly your financial situation and needs to work out an optimal solution. Let us provide some deeper insight on what may influence your final decision. In fact, the main factors affecting your annuity sale volume are the character of your financial goals (whether they are short-term or long-term), the number of them in your personal list and the amount of cash you may require for their accomplishment.

Full annuity sale not only makes sense, but comes especially beneficial when you’re planning to make large purchases or investments like buying a new home, car, finance your education or pay for your children tuition, take a so long-awaited journey to some exotic regions or perhaps around the world, starting up your own business venture, etc.

If you have short-term needs requiring not so large cash volume, you’d better opt to sell a part of your annuity agreement or a certain portion of each future installment. The main advantage of partial annuity cash payouts is that you get a sufficient amount of money to cover your necessities and still keep to your original settlement plan by having your payments coming to you on a regular basis.

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