Selling structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash is a viable option for plaintiffs looking for an immediate source of income with urgent financial requirements – from the debt free life to covering medical expenses and making large purchases. That’s why, many settlement holders choose selling their future periodic payments for a lump sum of cash either partially or in full. It is certainly one of the fastest ways to obtain a large sum of cash at hand when you need it most.

In essence, a structured settlement is a financial agreement that implies a series of periodic tax-free payments. It comes through a lawsuit that may occur from a personally injury case, medical or legal malpractice, wrongful death and some other related circumstances. The entire money amount assigned to a plaintiff is spread out over a rather lengthy period of time. That’s why this settlement money is distributed in the form of periodic installments.

At first, you may consider it nice to have a steady income coming every month. However, financial circumstances may change suddenly, making it difficult to deal even with day-to-day living expenses, not to mention the necessity to pay off debts, mortgage payments, unforeseen medical expenses and other crucial financial expenses. There are also structured settlement recipients who decide that they no longer wish to get their money in small amounts. In any case, it’s the right time to sell your future periodic payouts for a lump sum of cash you can use right away.

Luckily, there are funding companies that buy structured settlements and provide cash at hand for future payouts. We at Ozark Funding specialize in providing fast cash for settlement payments to meet any immediate and emergency financial requirements of our customers. From now on, you can get full control over your legal money to start living the life on your own terms.

We provide you with the flexibility to choose an optimal solution from a large variety of cash payout options offered as well as to decide how to use your money. Whether you have finally decided to sell your structured settlement for a lump sum of cash, just fill out our simple online quote form at the left or call us today at 866-894-7377 and our financial experts will get back to you soon to discuss your case.