An annuity is a rather popular financial agreement in the US that implies regular payouts to the annuity holder over some period of time. Depending on the type of your annuity settlement and some other specific factors, these periodic installments may be spread over a short or long time period. The money enclosed in a settlement is never paid in a single lump sum though. But what if you need a large sum of cash at hand now to meet sudden financial needs and expenses? Then it’s high time to sell your annuity settlement for a lump sum of cash today.

There are several options available to cash out an annuity, with all of them having their own pros and cons. As many annuitants claim, the most reliable and fastest way to cash out an annuity is by selling it to a funding company that typically has sufficient legal expertise and funding to accomplish this transaction smoothly. Are you also looking for a direct funder to sell your annuity payments for a lump sum of cash? Then can be the most deliberate choice.

We are an established direct funder for structured settlements, annuities, pre-settlements and lottery winnings, which means that we avoid a chain of brokers that may cut off a substantial part of your money. With a considerable experience of operating on the asset-backed market, we know everything about selling annuities and are ready to tailor a package meeting your individual requirements and preferences to the fullest.

But before you start the transaction process, you will have to take a crucial decision – whether you need all of your money at once or a certain portion of your future payouts will be enough to cover your current financial necessities. An extensive range of available payout options is one of the main advantages that makes Ozark Funding unique on the alternative financial market.

Generally, the process of selling annuities, both partially and in full, includes several stages. Our financial experts will do their best to speed up its completion. Call us today at 866-894-7377 or fill out our simple non-obligation quote form at the left to let us help you get the maximum lump sum of cash for your future periodic payouts.