Structured settlement lump sum of cash payouts are considered to be a very popular solution, but first of all among two categories of plaintiffs. The first group (perhaps the largest one) includes people facing the urgent necessity in a substantial amount of cash earlier than the original payout process begins. The second group involves those who simply don’t want to wait till the end of settlement plans to collect their legal money in full. If you’re one of those or have any other reason to sell your future payments for a lump sum of cash now, it’s high time to find a reliable buyer of structured settlement payments to have this transaction accomplished successfully.

With a considerable experience of operating on the asset-backed market, Ozark Funding can be the most deliberate funding company choice. While offering an extensive range of options, we are focused to get you maximum cash for your structured settlement within the shortest possible time and minimum efforts required from your side.

As the result of selling your structured settlement payments you can get a substantial amount of cash at hand to meet both financial necessities and long-awaited goals, such as covering credit card debts, loans, mortgage payments, extra medical expenses, college fees; making large purchases (home, vehicle, etc.), home improvements, high-profit investments or taking a long-awaited vacation. In other words, you get ultimate control over your entire money stream now instead of waiting for months and even years till it comes in full.

As a structured settlement owner, you are free to decide whether to obtain the entire cash amount, get half of your plan or a certain portion of each incoming installment. Our professionals will help you define an ideal option meeting all your specific requirements. With any of these structured settlement cash payouts, you can have total peace of mind knowing that your transaction will be accomplished successfully and in predefined deadlines.

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