Only a few years ago structured settlements, annuities, insurance policies and some other related financial agreements were considered to be excellent income options providing regular installments during a certain period of time. However, nowadays there is a rather popular tendency with many settlement holders opting to turn their future payments into real cash at hand. Such financial transactions imply selling an original plan to funding companies for a lump sum of cash.

There are plenty of factors influencing this tendency, where the main two ones are significant financial difficulties and necessities requiring an immediate response and flexibility of having an ultimate control over the entire amount of your legal money. Indeed, many settlement holders claim that they find this waiting game rather stressful. Do you also find structured settlement sale a desirable way out? Ozark Funding is here to help you accomplish this crucial task.

We are an established and reliable settlement funding company operating in the asset-backed market using individual approach to each particular case to guarantee our clients maximum cash in predefined deadlines. Moreover, we require minimum efforts from your side. All what you need is to have all your paperwork ready, share your financial goals and personal requirements with our experts, accept our offer and you’re done!

Obtaining a lump sum of cash at hand at once allows you to gain ultimate control over your legal money and enjoy absolute financial freedom. Instead of waiting for months and even years before you can get your monetary award in full, you can meet all your financial challenges today.

Call us today 866-894-7377 or fill out our free online quote form at the left to let our experts know about your specific needs and discuss all your individual requirements. We will thoroughly explore your case, define how much your future payments are worth and guide you through the whole selling process.