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"Ozark was able to give me the most money for my structured settlement and they didn't charge me any hidden fees, like the other companies do."

Wanda G.

Ozark Funding Huge Growth During the First and Second Quarter of 2012

Ozark Funding has again gone through huge growth during the first and second quarter of 2012.

With the second quarter almost behind, Ozark Funding has doubled in size yet again due to its unique structured settlement purchasing business model. The company prides itself on keeping its overhead low and passing those savings on to the customer, saving them money. This business concept has been very effective for Ozark and is a win-win for them and their customers.

Ozark Funding was founded by several veterans of the factoring industry that saw an unprecedented opportunity to shift the standard factoring business model into something that was good for both customer and company. With both a structured settlement and lottery division Ozark Funding can help a wide range of customers in need of immediate cash.

John Davidson, Ozark Funding’s Marketing Director said “We have taken the factoring industry by storm with great savings to our customers and our unparalleled business and marketing plan.”

Ozarks growth can also be attributed to its ability to secure very low funding rates for its customers. John Davidson also went on to say. “Each customer’s situation is different and we take that into consideration and use the best funding source for that individual’s needs.”

Ozark Funding is a structured settlement, lottery winnings and annuity purchasing company. Founded on customer service and values Ozark Funding continues to rise through the ranks of the factoring industry.

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